Welcome to Maddalena Equestrian!


Hello!  Maddalena Equestrian provides hunter/jumper and equitation training and coaching from our base in Southwest Ranches, Florida.  Alejo Maddalena, our professional, has decades of experience teaching horses and riders in Argentina, Europe and the United States.  I’m Yvonne, his wife.  I am in charge of marketing for the company.  Therefore, I get to do the blogging!  I am a practicing lawyer by day and never get to ride as often as I’d like so I will bring an amateur angle to the information we provide in this blog.  While there will be updates on the company itself along the way, I also hope to provide data and stories of interest in our industry.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions!  Any feedback is welcome as I have never done this before.  Please check out our website if you need more information or want more background!  Maddalena Equestrian website

Holiday Party

We had our first barn holiday party since the move to Southwest Ranches last night.   It is a little strange to me to feel Christmas-y in South Florida but the cold snap helped!  But it is wonderful to enjoy the sun through the holidays (and through the ESP Holiday Series at PBIEC).  😜  Was having too much fun to remember to take a lot of photos but a good time was had by all.

Are your horses microchipped?



I spent this morning ensuring USEF had our horses’ microchip numbers.  As I am sure any of you who show regularly are aware, USEF noted back in September that microchips would be required for any horse or pony competing in classes that require the equine’s registration with USHJA.  Any hunter/jumper/equitation horses showing after December 1, 2017, have to have a chip.  For any of you who have not shown yet, or who have been traveling south and not yet updated your USEF information, here is a very helpful link with FAQs from USEF’s website: USEF FAQs regarding microchips.  It is a very easy process to edit your horse’s information and provide the chip number.  Once that is completed, happy showing!


Microchip detection

Packing List for Hunter/Jumper Shows

As we get ready for the winter show season here in south Florida, I start getting our stuff ready to easily pack up and load for shows.  I usually have a separate set of many items,  like grooming supplies, new halters with our barn plate, and monogrammed saddle pads, that are only used at shows. However, I keep a handy list every time we pack to ensure we do not forget anything.  I thought you might find that list helpful so I am attaching here.  (Although the original one was not in this cuter, infographic form.). Hope it can be of use!  If you would like a pdf or a plain Word version, I am happy to send – just send me your contact info!